Mountain Biking and Hiking

Climbing the rocky mountains in Italy is not just fun! It is more than that. Climbing alpines, seeing the beauty of Italy, makes climber and tourists excited when hey hear Italy. Italy is gifted with dolomites,and limestone and granite mountains. Aside from mountain climbing, you can also do mountain biking on the dolomites and alpines.

Mountain biking is fun for you can learn how to control your bike on these rocky mountains. Do not try mountain biking there if you are not expert in biking. Biking requires professional bikers because it is very dangerous. Imagine, the path of the wheel is rocky and curvy. In this case, you might stumble down t the bottom of the mountain and meet accident instead of having fun.

Hiking is fun during the summer and spring because you will enjoy the color of the sky and also the fresh air in the mountains of Italy. Hiking in the dolomites and alpine is fantastic because you will feel that you are ascending with the clouds. Hiking in the Italy will be the most unforgettable experience in your life.

When I went hiking with my friends in the dolomites for the first time, some of my Italian friends said that they want me to feel the spirit of the mountains so that I will always go back there sometime when I will avail my next vacation. When I first saw the dolomites, i was filled with awe because that was the first time I saw dolomites.  I feel like I am in paradise and the atmosphere added to the enjoyment of our journey.