Ferrara, Italy: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ferrara, a wonderful city in Italy is chosen to be one of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. As a matter of fact, it is not only Ferrara that was chosen within Italy but much more. Ferrara is also known as the city of renaissance. There is in fact a festival to celebrate the renaissance period and it is one of the anticipated festival in the town. Half medieval and half renaissance. It is located in Emilia Romagna, Italy where a lot of things

are to be seen and experience. Among the beautiful places to see, there is the city call, cathedral and the castle. A famous cathedral in Ferrara is the Romanesque Cathedral or Duomo which is famous because of its baroque interiors. While walking through its streets, you will feel the undeniable sense of history. Here, you will see different art works and listen to musics as it blossomed in the place. Paintings used as interior designs in churches and in palaces are in the concept of musical instrument.

Before, music is intended to give praise to God but later is was secularized.The town of Ferrara fulfilled the criteria of being a UNESCO’s heritage site since it has a significant impact to human history. It has something to do on human settlement traditionally. It is also rich in culture giving cultural impact to human civilization. Other criteria include being a human creative masterpiece. Furthermore, a building itself can be enlisted as a heritage site when it is architecturally advanced.