Himalayan mountain documentary and short history

The Himalayas is one of the most popular places on earth and many people have already been there. Due to its many features that make it as one of the most sought after a mountain in the world, it attracts people of different nationalities. The Himalayas is a place located in Nepal that became a place for many to live but a place for others to visit. The visit there is one of their most considered accomplishment in their life here on earth.

To understand it, the video above gives some insight about the mountain. The mountain is sacred and very important to those living near it. They have understood how to live in peace in it. There are many documentaries that were made featuring it. Not just documentaries but also a list of facts and many information about it, top article. You can find some specific details about it like its height, what type of weather is there, when is the best time to go climbing their and others are stories about those who climb the mountain but met an unfortunate event.

Many who already went their share their experiences and insight on what they have experience and have seen there. If you have not yet been there then you can watch them and you will have an idea what it is to be there and to live there.