Let’s Climb in Italy

Northern Italy is one of the best places in the world for mountain climbing. The highest mountains are really something that are not easily climb especially when season is not that favorable. Avalanche can also be a block for mountain climbing but we manage to climb those mountains in Italy. It was too hard but it was a challenge for us mountain climbers to ascend by our foot.

The Dolomites as high as 800 meters or more are really awesome and they are really guide for us to reach our destination. With the dolomites especially in Monte Cristallo in Northern Italy. The Israelites walked on dry ground with wall of water on their sides in the time of their exodus towards Canaan, here in Italy I felt like I am walking on the land with the dolomites as my wall. Dolomites are the usual mountains that you see only in Italy.

The Julian Alps is one of the best Alpine mountain in Europe. Going through the limestone mountains is very special for me. What is unfortunate is that when you go there when the frost is so thick and avalanche is very dangerous, you might not be able to do it. However, you can challenge yourself.

Jalovec-Ozebnik has a beautiful view at the same time tempting for climbing. Climbing such mountain pays careful attention. I could not express how I felt when I was going down.

Tatras Nefcerka made me so excited due to its height. In fact, tatras are one of the highest forms of mountains in Europe.

Let’s climb the rocky mountains in the Italian Alpine.